PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule Archives -

PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule

PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule.

PSL’s active presence on social media platforms has created a unique space for fan engagement. From interactive campaigns to behind-the-scenes glimpses, the league keeps fans connected and invested in the excitement.

PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule
PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule

PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule

Lahore Qalandars vsIslamabad united 8:00 PM17, feb, 2024
Quetta Gladiators vsPeshawer Zalmi 2:00 PM18, Feb, 2024
Multan Sultan vsKarachi King 7:00 PM18, Feb , 2024
Lahore Qalandars vsQuetta Gladiators 7:00 PM19, Feb, 2024
Multan Sultan vsIslamabad United 7:00 PM20,Feb, 2024
Peshawer Zalmi vs Karachi King 2:00 PM21, Feb, 2024
Multan Sultans vsLahore Qalandars 7:00 PM21, Feb, 2024
Quetta Gladiators vsIslamabad United 7:00 PM22, Feb,2024
Multan Sultans vsPeshawer Zalmi 7:00 PM23, Feb, 2024
Lahore Qalandars vsKarachi King 7:00 PM24, Feb, 2024
Multan Sultans vsQuetta Gladiators 2:00 PM25, Feb, 2024
Lahore Qalandars vsPeshawer Zalmi 7:00 PM25,Feb, 2024
Peshawer Zalmi vsIslamabad United 7:00 PM26,Feb, 2024
Lahore Qalandars vsMultan Sultans 7:00 PM27,Feb, 2024
Karachi King vsIslamabad United 7:00 PM28,Feb, 2024
Karachi King vsQuetta Gladiators 7:00 PM29,Feb, 2024
Peshawer Zalmi vsLahore Qalandars 2:00 PM2, Mar, 2024
Islamabad United vsQuetta Gladiators 7:00 PM2, Mar, 2024
Karachi King vsMultan Sultan 7:00 PM3, Mar, 2024
Islamabad United vsPeshawer Zalmi 7:00 PM4, Mar, 2024
Peshawer Zalmi vsMultan Sultans 7:00 PM5, Mar, 2024
Quetta Gladiators vsKarachi King 2:00 PM6, Mar, 2024
Islamabad United vsLahore Qalandars 7: 00 PM6, Mar, 2024
Islamabad United vsKarachi King 7:00 PM7 , Mar, 2024
Peshawer Zalmi vsQuetta Gladiators 7:00 PM8, Mar, 2024
Karachi King vsLahore Qalandars 7:00 PM9, Mar, 2024
Islamabad United vsMultan Sultans 2:00 PM10, Mar, 2024
Quetta Gladiators vsLahore Qalandars 7:00 PM10, Mar, 2024
Karachi King vsPeshawer Zalmi 7:00 PM11, Mar, 2024
Quetta Gladiators vsMultan Sultans 7:00 PM12, Mar, 2024
PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule
PSL Schedule 2024 | PSL 9 Schedule

Semi Final And Finals.

TEAM 1 VS TEAM 214, Mar, 2024 7:00 PM
TEAM 3 VS TEAM 415, Mar, 2024 7:00 PM
TEAM 1 vs TEAM 218, Mar, 2024 7:00 PM

How many seasons of PSL have taken place so far?

As of now, several seasons of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) have been successfully completed, each adding its unique flavor to the cricketing landscape.

Which team has been the most successful in past PSL seasons?

The team with the most championship victories varies across seasons, showcasing the competitive nature of PSL. Teams like Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, and Peshawar Zalmi have achieved success in different years.

Who were the standout performers in the earlier PSL seasons?

Past seasons have seen remarkable performances from various players. Icons like Luke Ronchi, Ravi Bopara, and Wahab Riaz have left a lasting impact with their exceptional contributions.

Have there been any changes in the tournament format over the years?

PSL has undergone some format changes in its earlier seasons to enhance competitiveness. These changes have added excitement to the tournament, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

How has PSL contributed to the growth of young talents in Pakistan?

One of PSL’s significant impacts is its role in nurturing and promoting young talents. The league provides a platform for emerging players to showcase their skills on a grand stage, opening doors to international opportunities.

Did any international cricket legends participate in past PSL seasons?

Yes, several international cricketing legends have graced past PSL seasons. Their presence has not only added prestige to the league but also provided valuable mentorship to the younger players.


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